Take WundaBar on-the-go with WundaBar On Demand. We've translated the in-studio experience to take our signature moves, cardio pacing, and incredible results into streaming workouts! WundaBar Pilates creator and celebrity trainer, Amy Jordan, leads you through full body workouts created for you to feel stronger, longer and 100% empowered!

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Before WundaBar you had two choices in Pilates, Slow-and-Cerebral, or Pound-It-Out with no methodology. WundaBar led the industry in bridging that gap, infusing the integrity of Pilates into the high-energy fitness space. The WundaBar Approach combines beautiful biomechanics and traditional Pilates with efficient movement, exceptional flow and a cardio-intense pace. WundaBar On Demand is a translation of the work we do on the patented WundaFormer into a dynamic repertoire for the mat.



Empower your body & mind-- From the inside out!


Sculpt your core and more


Improve your life in 30 minutes or less



Learn all about WundaBar Pilates and the patented WundaFormer! Order your props to take your workout to the next level. Want to join us for an in-studio experience with Amy Jordan and her educator team? Find a studio near you!


Our goal is to challenge you to transform your body from the inside out!

When we can't workout in-studio, WundaBar On Demand is our way of keeping up our fitness routine. When we travel, we'll bring a ring, we'll bring a ball, we'll bring bands. We can incorporate all of those props into a quick workout that gives you a boost. It's awesome.

Aly & AJ

After moving away from a WundaBar studio, OnDemand was a lifesaver. Pilates is the only exercise I have stuck with because it makes me feel good mentally and physically. Now I can do what I love anytime and anywhere!

Kym, CA

Physical activity has been a vital ingredient to my recovery. My medical team cite an undeniable correlation between exercise and a deep response to treatment for cancer patients... Amy [Jordan] and her team at WundaBar Pilates helped me with therapeutic routines, coaxing my body to find deep recovery. We focus on movements that initiated blood flow, organ compression & release, and oxygen flow.

Nick, CA

I honestly did not think that it was remotely possible to change your body in just two weeks, but Amy Jordan had me wedding-ready and in my best shape after 2W2W. Wunda is now it’s my go-to work out. I’m happier, healthier and stronger.

Paige, CA- Hallmark Home & Family

WundaBar gave me a sense of community and purpose. Not only have I transformed my body, but more importantly, I have transformed the way I depict inner beauty and strength.

Michael, CA


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